AG-RECON, a remote sensing company since 1988, has pioneered the development and production of advanced management information for agriculture, forestry, and the environment.   Its technology is based on computer analysis of proprietary multi-spectral remote sensing and patented imagery to variable rate applications.   Information is generated by AG-RECON’s 3rd generation proprietary airborne multispectral sensor package, RECON 3.  This information can be combined with aerial photography, agronomic databases, crop and timber models, and GIS databases.  AG-­RECON provides information as a resource management tool to farmers, foresters, managers, geologists, hydrologists, consultants, cartographers and other decision makers.


Through airborne remote sensing systems, AG-RECON generates printed color “maps".   These “maps”, accurate to scale, indicating absolute and relative differences, are delivered within hours from when the actual conditions were observed.


AG-RECON monitors reflectances in the Visible, Near Infrared, Far Infrared and Ultraviolet light spectrums.  The discreet frequencies of light monitored each have characteristics that indicate the presence or absence of a specific condition.  The presence or absence of a condition may warrant investigation or specific treatment.


Applications of the information AG-RECON collects includes for Agriculture: detection of nutrient deficiencies, diseases, and pests; soil type changes; irrigation scheduling and distribution problems; frost damage; and yield projections; for Forestry: timber cruise; monitor selective cutting; map forest fires and estimate stand survival; for Environmental: map range or forest fire damage; map oil spills, spray damage, thermal plumes and many other applications.