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Crop diagnostics for developing and implementing crop management decisions

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SmartScoutGMExample100.tif Image Delivery (image sets and specifications)

grape100.tif Crop Applications (experience with over 75 different crops, hundreds of applications)

COLORMAP100.tif COLORMAP       (9 inch resolution color enhanced)

image011.gif  Free Software for Roving Map Field Navigation (field data integration -photos, documents, audio, and attribute)

GROWTHMAP image example thumbnailGROWTHMAP (vegetation density)

SOILMAP example image thumbnailSOILMAP           (soil variability)

STRESSMAP image example thumbnailSTRESSMAP (canopy temperature and crop stress)

Satellite image example thumbnailSatellite Imagery                 (crop inventory)

MSIRMAP image example thumbnailMSIRMAP (multispectral infrared)

Golf course image example thumbnail         Golf Course       (turf health)   

FROSTMAP Image100.gifFROSTMAP  (crop frost damage)

Articles on        AG-RECON

NASA Tech Briefs, Citrus Frost Damage, CA-AZ Farm Press, Sun Diamond Grower, Grape Report Technology, Fruit Grower, "Image to Application" Patent

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